Currently, I'm offering three different one-on-one coaching packages to help you SHINE!: 

No matter where you are now or what you have gone through, there is a UNIQUE plan for your life. For the Stay at home Mom, Working Mom, or Creative Entrepreneur there is purpose for your life. We have developed tools and resources to help you SHINE in every aspect. 

Timeframe - Minimum 6 weeks


Weekly Skype/Google Hangout

Weekly Email 

Goal Setting that works for your personality

Action Plan for your specific Goals

Develop guidelines to be a good steward over your time and finances 

Help you get authentically, crystal-clear on what truly matters to you (personal & business)

Define and overcome the obstacles that hinder your progress

Real and Genuine Prayer 

There are times when you need more accountability than just your coach. We all know that we SHINE BRIGHTER TOGETHER, and that is what Accountability Coaching does. 

TimeFrame - Minimum 6 weeks 


Same as the Purposeful Life Coaching

Private Facebook Group 

Hand Picked Accountability Partner in Group

Small Business Coaching-08.png

You don’t want to be like every other Small Business Owner. We would like to help you SHINE brighter than most.  Let us help you develop a UNIQUE plan for your business. 

Time Frame - Minimum 6 month contract


Assess your business productivity

Develop personalized action plans

Discuss lead generation strategies

Learn how to deal with objection

Time management strategies

Customized strategies for your vision and goals

Identify and eliminate behaviors that impede progress

Determine marketing strategy

Web & print based advertising

Referral based marketing

How to make sales calls