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Believe in yourself (again): Create a mindset shift to erase bad self talk, Write a clear vision for your life, and Secure the belief that you are worthy of more.

A life coach is someone who provides guidance and support to individuals that want to address life challenges and gain clarity on how to make proper life choices. When you want more from life and you’re ready to be proactive, rather than reactive, it’s time to join my coaching program. 

By partnering with me, you’ll begin a process of transformation. A true partnership built on trust and accountability. My coaching program is for the individual who is motivated and ready to embrace change.

Questions to ask yourself prior to joining the program:

1. Am I ready to invest 3 weeks in to the process? Beyonce wasn’t built in a day!

2. Can I be open, take direction and ready to be accountable?

3. Do I believe I deserve to be happy?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you’re ready for coaching.


1) How to increase your self esteem

2) Your worth is not tied to material things

3) Overcome bad self talk which hinders you from moving forward in life.

4) Bad relationships (or loss of relationships) does not make you unworthy

5) Find the root cause of your loss of purpose or dream building


1) Have a vision board to mentally hold you accountable

2) On track to walking in your purpose

3) Have better ways to cope when things go awry

4) Perspective mindset shift which establishes better self talk

5) Have identified at least 3 BIG dreams