Matthew 5:13-16 nlt & msg

Hey Y'all! In this episode Rach Nordgren and I discuss being Salt & Light. In the beginning we discuss adding salt to chocolate chip cookies and grits. I really hope it translates to something you all understand because behind the scenes we laughed so hard about it making sense to others. Seriously y'all I have forever used my mothers lesson on cooking grits to how i interact with people as a Christian. When do I add my salt to their world? Because if I come in and add my salt after the cooking (or circumstances is over) just pour it on top, it doesn't incorporate well. Maybe all you get is salt and not anything else. Which to me translates to all you see is "Christian chatter" not love, patience, kindness, joy and understanding. Then we discuss light and how to be the light in darkness. We aren't meant to be just another light in a room of lights. We are meant to 'SHINE" in dark places so that others can see and know our Father not us. In addition to Bible Gateway which I link below, we used the Blue Letter Bible as a resource.  Also Rach found this blog post after our conversation but we both thought it was good so click here to read more on salt and light.