Seems like rest has become optional. Being busy is looked at as a good thing. But really busy is okay for a while but rest is mandatory. In order to be productive daily you should get a good nights sleep, and have some brain rest in your day. Brain rest, what? 

Since napping as an adult is a luxury most of us are not able to receive any longer. Our brain could still use a nap. Possibly our bodies as well. Brain rest to me is when you spend 20 minutes or more in quiet. Turn your phone OFF and just be quiet. We have come accustomed to thinking that we are resting by sitting quiet, scrolling on our phone. That is not resting your brain, because your brain is telling your fingers to move, your eyes to move, and your reading. 


In addition we may also have a hard time getting to sleep once we finally get in bed. Try to get a minimum of 8 hours sleep. DON'T PASS OUT! 8 hours is not too much and is HIGHLY recommended.  The Iphone has a new feature called "bedtime" it tells you how many hours you will get when you put set your alarm to wake up. It will also remind you its bedtime (just in case your up scrolling). 

If going to bed is difficult for you, I would suggest for you to develop a bed time routine.  It mentally gets your mind ready to wind down. My routine begins after dinner. If you know me then you know my house shuts down at about 9pm. (Don't judge me lol) After dinner I take my shower, pin curl my hair, wash my face (this doesnt happen every night, remember this is a judgement free zone) and I turn a lamp on in my room. I turn all the lights out in our house and turn on a few lamps. This makes a HUGE difference in setting the environment of the house to slow down, get quiet.  Everyone begins preparing for the next day. 

As we go into the Holiday season this would be a good time to start to rest. That may sound like an oxymoron to some people. Only you can set the tone for your life, not the calendar. Try to get some rest. Develop a new routine in your world.