Walk through the Book of James

Andy Stanley says this all the time.(Circles are better than rows) I really get it now. Community happens when we are in small circles. Not sitting in the rows of the church. ⭐️
We have to get outside of the rows, and be together. ⭐️
Build & strengthen the relationship that church brought us. During different seasons of life this can be hard. ⭐️
I would love to try my hand at making it easier. Join me for an online bible study. This will include : weekly email, private Facebook group, Facebook live & lots of conversations to build community. ⭐️
To join me for this first bible study sign up on my website. We will walk through the book of James.



Matthew 5:13-16 nlt & msg

Hey Y'all! In this episode Rach Nordgren and I discuss being Salt & Light. In the beginning we discuss adding salt to chocolate chip cookies and grits. I really hope it translates to something you all understand because behind the scenes we laughed so hard about it making sense to others. Seriously y'all I have forever used my mothers lesson on cooking grits to how i interact with people as a Christian. When do I add my salt to their world? Because if I come in and add my salt after the cooking (or circumstances is over) just pour it on top, it doesn't incorporate well. Maybe all you get is salt and not anything else. Which to me translates to all you see is "Christian chatter" not love, patience, kindness, joy and understanding. Then we discuss light and how to be the light in darkness. We aren't meant to be just another light in a room of lights. We are meant to 'SHINE" in dark places so that others can see and know our Father not us. In addition to Bible Gateway which I link below, we used the Blue Letter Bible as a resource.  Also Rach found this blog post after our conversation but we both thought it was good so click here to read more on salt and light. 

Lamentations 3:22-27

Hey Y'all! In this episode Rach and I discuss Lamentations 3:22-27 (NLT ,NIV). This book is small yet full of hard things. What I learned in this book is Hope in God is always available. Through tragic times, hard times and times of trouble our hope should remain in God. It can be extremely hard but we must not be consumed with things of the world. We talk about how believing that God is with you in the hard times is not how the world handles pressure. Trusting in God when we don't know what is next takes faith that cannot waver. Its not easy but it gets easier as we lean into God. 

I would love to hear from you. I would love it if we could build community here and chat about the things we hear from God regarding scripture and life. Leave a comment and lets chat and pray together. 


Genesis 29:14-35 NLT

Hey Y'all! In this episode Sharon Hodde Miller and I discuss ways we (like Leah) might seek validation. 

Read Genesis 29:31-35 NLT & MSG. 

Sharon recalls a sermon by Jerome Gay where he gives 3 ways we seek validation.
1) Validation through production - verse 32
2) Validation through recognition - verse 33
3) Validation through connection - verse 34

When reading you will notice that in verse 35 Leah stops trying to find validation in other ways and just praises God. 

You can listen and read by clicking below. Thank you so much for listening. Let's GROW TOGETHER by joining in the conversation with your comment. (click read in browser)


Seems like rest has become optional. Being busy is looked at as a good thing. But really busy is okay for a while but rest is mandatory. In order to be productive daily you should get a good nights sleep, and have some brain rest in your day. Brain rest, what? 

Since napping as an adult is a luxury most of us are not able to receive any longer. Our brain could still use a nap. Possibly our bodies as well. Brain rest to me is when you spend 20 minutes or more in quiet. Turn your phone OFF and just be quiet. We have come accustomed to thinking that we are resting by sitting quiet, scrolling on our phone. That is not resting your brain, because your brain is telling your fingers to move, your eyes to move, and your reading. 


In addition we may also have a hard time getting to sleep once we finally get in bed. Try to get a minimum of 8 hours sleep. DON'T PASS OUT! 8 hours is not too much and is HIGHLY recommended.  The Iphone has a new feature called "bedtime" it tells you how many hours you will get when you put set your alarm to wake up. It will also remind you its bedtime (just in case your up scrolling). 

If going to bed is difficult for you, I would suggest for you to develop a bed time routine.  It mentally gets your mind ready to wind down. My routine begins after dinner. If you know me then you know my house shuts down at about 9pm. (Don't judge me lol) After dinner I take my shower, pin curl my hair, wash my face (this doesnt happen every night, remember this is a judgement free zone) and I turn a lamp on in my room. I turn all the lights out in our house and turn on a few lamps. This makes a HUGE difference in setting the environment of the house to slow down, get quiet.  Everyone begins preparing for the next day. 

As we go into the Holiday season this would be a good time to start to rest. That may sound like an oxymoron to some people. Only you can set the tone for your life, not the calendar. Try to get some rest. Develop a new routine in your world. 

Episode 37 "Who are you in the story?" Part 3

Hey Y'all!. This is the last part of this series. Today we look at Martha and Mary and ask ourselves in different areas of life are we Martha or Mary? The areas i discuss in this episode are Holiday, Community, and Parenting. The scripture from this episode is Luke 10:38-42 (MSG & NLT) I hope you all enjoy this episode. Be sure to stop by Instagram and let me know what you think. 

Awaken Conference 


Awaken - November 5th

How can we embrace the love and grace of God as a fuel to enable us to live in freedom? We want to walk in freedom as moms and reflect the heart of God to our families. We are not going to just settle for what we believe, but we are going to walk that out in our behavior. We are going to wake up to live, to love and to live a renewed life in Christ! It’s time to awaken our hearts, our spirits and homes to the freedom of living fully in the grace of Jesus.  

Join us for our Fall Retreat as we let an awakening stir within us!






Wake Up to His Love to Give Love

By Kat Lee

It's hard to wake up to give love without first receiving it. There is so much life and power in starting our day at the feet of Jesus. But life is crazy, mamas are tired and kids have an inner alarm system notifying them the instant mom opens her eyes. So how can we find time to wake to His love so that we can give love?


God Awaken Me to Your Plan

By Retha Nichole

Things don’t always go as planned. God has a purpose for our life and until we are in a relationship with Him we cannot truly understand what He is doing. Retha found out God’s purpose for her life in the middle of a tragedy. 


The New Life In My Story

By Katherine Wolf

After nearly dying of a massive brainstem stroke and subsequently becoming severely disabled, Katherine will share how there is hope and new life that springs from both near death and getting a second chance to truly live.


And It Was Very Good
By Ruby-Ellen Bratcher

God is the ultimate creator, the perfect creator, and when He was done creating everything, He stepped back and saw that everything was very good. He created us in His own image, and as image bearers of our creative God, we can use the creativity that God has given every one of us to go forth and make His glory known through all the earth.


Wake up to New Life

By Kara-Kae James

As moms, we find ourselves falling into our routines and can slip into living a lukewarm life, which can be very dangerous. We will look at how we are called to live a life worthy of our calling and ways we can wake up to this new life we are intended to live!


Special Interview with Emily Thomas from Mom Struggling Well Podcast

Worship with Julie Bennett

Event Hosted by Thrive Moms Leadership Kara-Kae James & Ali Pedersen


Podcast Episode #35 Part 2 "Who are you in the Story?"

Hey Y'all! This episode of the podcast is Part 2 of the series titles "Who are you in the Story?" In this episode I wanted us to think about friendship and prayer. How often do we carry our friends "stuff" to God? Do we just listen to our friends and sympathize with them? Or do we mourn, cry, fast and pray with and for them. 

In the scripture passages referenced there are 3 people that I point out and want us to ask ourselves "Who we are?"

1) The Friends

2) The Pharisee

3) The Paralyzed Man

Scripture references

Matthew 9:1-8 NLT

Mark 2:1-12 NLT

Luke 5: 18-25 NLT

Nehemiah 1:4 NLT

I would love it if you would join in the conversation over on Instagram or Facebook. Not necessarily sharing who you are but saying what you learned in this episode. Maybe even talking with me about who you would like to be. 

You can listen to the  podcast on Itunes or your favorite podcast app. You can also listen here on my website via the podcast page. But because I really want you to listen here so click here  link. Thank you so much for listening.