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Let’s Do This 2019

Announcing the best
Goal Planning Workshop
in Birmingham!!

I want you to picture 10 of us hanging out by a crackling fire in my living room all in our comfy clothes, wrapped up in blankets, sipping on hot cider, and eating delicious food. Say it with me now: Ahhhhhh!!!

But in addition to all this coziness, make no mistake about it…we will be getting down to some hard, nitty gritty work on each of your businesses, your goals, getting stuff done & coming up with a FULL FLEDGE plan that will be a game changer for you in 2019. We’re going to tackle the fears, the struggles, the to-do lists, balancing it all, crazy big dreams, and actually DOING something about getting there!! But most of all we’re going to talk about running your business like a real CEO who has time to work on your business and moving those BIG goals forward rather than just a small business owner constantly stuck working in your business. Think about it like a mentoring session and a business workshop all rolled into one.


Here is just SOME of what we’ll be covering: 

*An honest look at What Didn’t work for you in 2018

*An honest look at What Did.

*Feeling the Fear & Pushing Through

*Carving out more time & Winning the Day

*Breaking out of Overwhelm once and for all & getting stuff DONE

*Creating systems & workflows that give you your life back

*Setting boundaries in your business & not staying up til 2am

*Marketing that’s actually “Remarkable” & how to stand out in a saturated market

*Pricing & Branding: How to make your Work Worth More

*Intentional goal setting: crafting your big, hairy, audacious goals for 2019 with a focus on what SUCCESS looks like for YOU!

*Creating the smaller first quarter goals to get you there

*Every attendee will leave with a 10 step next action plan to work on in February & March to get those 2019 goals jump started and to make things happen like you never have before! 

*BONUS: Each participant will get a one on one with me after the workshop to check in and make sure you’re still on the path to success. 


So HERE’S what you need to know!!

Here’s the short version of what you need to know! Goal planning workshop will take place at our home in Springville, AL and will be a FULL day workshop on January 12, 2019 starting at 9am.

Pre-sale: ENDED
General Admission $320

Email hello@rethanichole.com for payment plan